When the Mountain Doesn’t Move

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Jun 1, 2024

“No amount of word-making will ever make a single soul to know the mountains. All that is required is exposure and purity …’The pure in heart shall see God!’” —John Muir

When we lived in Alaska, I thanked God every day for our view of the mountains. Though I was raised as a Midwest flatlander, their “song” quickly found a sympathetic resonance somewhere deep in my Swiss DNA. Seward is surrounded by mountains, and in their embrace, I felt the strong, abiding presence of GOD all around me—a constant manifestation of His glory on earth.  [Cue: “God is All Around” by Anointed, 1995.]

  • God made the mountains. They exist, standing fixed and secure right where God created them—sharing their grandeur freely with anyone fortunate enough to behold their peace and unchanging beauty.
  • God put them where He put them for a REASON. Mount McKinley. Mount Moriah. Mount Sinai. They are permanent points of reference. We don’t move them—we are moved BY them.

For, lo, he that formeth the mountains …The LORD, The God of hosts, is his name.” (Amos 4:13 KJV)

So, WHY would we want to MOVE a mountain?

Jesus and His disciples had just come down from the Mount of Transfiguration. (Matthew 17) They watched Him instantly heal a boy who had been vexed by a stubborn evil spirit—the same boy that THEY themselves had been unable to help. They asked Jesus, “Why couldn’t WE do that?” Jesus answered, “Because of your unbelief! Even though I’ve been WITH you all this time, there’s apparently more faith in a little MUSTARD SEED than in you! Even a seed recognizes that I AM who I say I AM. Every seed, when it’s planted, does exactly what I created it to do. If you had THAT kind of absolute confidence in me—that same faithful obedience—you could say to this mountain or whatever impossibility is before you, ‘MOVE!’ and it would! Nothing would seem ‘impossible’ to you anymore.”

In physical life, perspective matters.

  • Rain, to the parade planners is a disaster—but to the farmer, it’s LIFE.
  • A mountain to one person may be an obstruction—but to another it’s protection or a precious water source.
  • We’d better not consider moving any physical mountains—the map makers, utility companies and road engineers would have a fit.

Jesus was talking to His disciples (and to us) about something deeper—a problem that has proved to be IMPOSSIBLE for us. An overwhelming difficulty, a dilemma, an insurmountable impediment that, if we could, we’d pull it up by the roots and cast it into the “sea of forgetfulness” forever. He was saying that if we have the faith in HIM that even a mustard seed possesses, we could pray in absolute assurance—and SOMETHING WOULD MOVE! The obstacle would be overcome—a barrier no longer. WHY? Because to HIM, absolutely NOTHING is “IMPOSSIBLE.”

Jesus wasn’t talking about the SIZE of our faith, but the OBJECT. Faith alone does nothing. Someone can have all the FAITH in the world that the earth is flat, but faith alone doesn’t make it true. Our faith doesnt move mountains—our GOD DOES. GOD ALONE is the mountain-mover! cancer-healer! bone-mender! chain-breaker! peace-speaker! LIFE-GIVER! … and by FAITH, we boldly declare it because we KNOW HIM to be so!

What if the mountain DOESN’T move? Mountains are:

  • Put there by God
  • Features of the landscape, and
  • Permanent reference points.

Remember: Obstacles that look “impossible” have been purposefully put in our lives by God. Though daunting to US, to HIM our impossibilities are NOTHING! He PROVES to us daily that HE, in His omnipotence, will show us the way around, over, or through ANY thing that appears in our view as “impossible” … IF we trust Him.

Remember: Hardships are solid features of life. They come with the territory. Jesus said, “In the world ye SHALL have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world. (John 16:33 KJV)

Remember: Difficulties in life, when overcome, become landmarks to us for the rest of our days. Benchmarks. When there’s a MOUNTAIN RANGE in our rear-view mirror … “our soul looks back in WONDER at how we got over!”

 With men this is impossible; but with God ALL THINGS are possible.” (Matthew 19:26 NKJV)

Caleb didn’t cringe, despair, or fear in the face of his formidable mountain. (Joshua 14) Rather he DESIRED it and ran TOWARD it, saying, “Now therefore GIVE ME THIS MOUNTAIN, whereof the LORD spake, for (though there be fearsome enemies and strong cities) … if so be the LORD will be with me, then I SHALL be able to drive them out, as the LORD said.”

  • Caleb KNEW that there was something more than just an insurmountable problem before him. The odds were overwhelming, and the fight would be fierce—but, with the LORD’s help, it was WORTH IT!
  • Caleb KNEW the land that he desired had already been bought and paid for by their Forefathers of Faith gone before. The mountain he was asking for was NOT just ANY mountain; it was Hebron (Machpelah)—and his ancestors Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob were BURIED on THAT mountain!
  • Caleb DECLARED, “It’s not impossible to ME! This is OUR LAND! GOD gave it to us! I WANT THAT MOUNTAIN.”

When we face an impossible situation, instead of cringing in fear, perhaps we should chase after it with COURAGE! With our FAITH secured not in itself, but in GOD! He owns the mountains. He alone can move the UNMOVABLE … and when HE does, generations after will declare His GLORY!

Dear Jesus, I trust fully in You ALONE. I trust you to guide me around, over, or through whatever impossibilities I face. My hand will never leave YOURS until we reach the Promised Land of NO crying, death, sorrow, pain … or IMPOSSIBILITIES!