When the Kids Ask Questions

Mar 12, 2023


The last month and a half, sickness has forced me to join the ranks of the “shut-in saints.” I’m not “forsaking” the church assembly; on the contrary. I’ve missed it very much. What I’ve missed most is our Elementary Sunday School class. I teach the 7-11 year olds at our church – a class of twelve exceedingly bright, beautiful, energetic, and well-behaved 😉 kids. They know their Bible. Most of them know the books of the Bible. They can quote a verse (or two) for every letter of the alphabet. It’s hard for me to find a Bible question that at least one of them cannot answer correctly. Often, they KNOW the Bible story BEFORE I teach it – and that comes by faithful teaching of the Word of God at HOME. (Kudos to their parents!!)

I love to teach this class – because often their eager passion to learn the Bible is equal to my passion to teach.

And that brings me to this: God’s passion is particularly keen for the CHILDREN to know and understand His Word! God cares deeply about the kids and their questions! Again and again, God emphasizes faithful diligence in allowing children access to His Word:

“Teach these words diligently to your children at all times …” Deut. 6:7

“Take to heart all the words of my testimony … so that you can charge your children to be careful to obey …” Deut. 32:46

“Jesus said, Let the children come to me. Don’t stop them! For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are like these children.” Matt. 19:14

No less than THREE times in Scripture, God gave specific instructions for Israel to provide OBJECT LESSONS to pique curiosity and to answer the questions of the KIDS!

1. Exodus 12:24-27
“You shall observe (Passover) for an ordinance forever … and when you come into the land which the LORD will give you … when your CHILDREN shall say ‘What does this SERVICE mean?’ you shall say ‘It’s the sacrifice of the LORD’s Passover, who passed over the children of Israel in Egypt … and delivered us.’”

2. Deuteronomy 6:17-25
“You shall diligently keep the commandments of the Lord and his statutes … and do what is right … And when your SON asks, ‘What mean these STATUTES …?’ you shall say ‘We were slaves in Egypt … and He brought us out … and commanded us to do them … for our good always.”

3. Joshua 4:1-7
“Take you twelve stones … that this may be a sign, that when your CHILDREN ask, ‘What mean these STONES?’ then you shall answer them … ‘The waters of Jordan were cut off before the ark of the LORD (here!) … and these stones shall be for a memorial.’”

The LORD not only loves it when children ask questions, but He specifically included tangible things like SERVICES, and STATUTES, and STONES in His plan, to prompt questions and to provide talking points for the kids to get ANSWERS to their questions. When kids GET answers to their GOD-questions when they’re young, they grow up able and equipped to GIVE answers for their faith as adults.

Jesus LOVES children! “Let them come to ME, (let them ASK and GET answers to their questions!) for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven!”

Post-Script: ONE more evidence of God’s concern for the YOUNG to have firsthand access, knowledge, and clear understanding of the WORD of GOD — is the Book of DEUTERONOMY. Meaning “2nd law”, God through Moses clearly reiterated and summarized previously made laws and covenants for the benefit of the “new generation” of Israel; i.e. those who were not yet born (or under 20) when the Children of Israel left Egypt. This book was given not to be redundant, but to remind US ALL to “REMEMBER!” God SO cares for the young to have clear understanding that He inspired a whole “2nd law” book for them, which also introduces the timeless ”SHEMA” declaration: “Hear, O Israel! The LORD, our God, is one!”