The “Unscripture” of God

May 11, 2023

When you look at a page of scripture, what do you see? Verses, words, and letters? Is that all you see? Look beyond the black (or red!) letters – to the WHITE.

The black is holy; so, too, is the white beneath. Without it, you wouldn’t see the black of the ink—there would be nothing with which to contrast it or to delineate it. Without the white, you wouldn’t see the Word of God. The WHITE is the sacred “unscripture” of God.

When the Word is sent into the world, it must have a context—it must have a parchment, a paper, a voice—some medium to bear and manifest it to the world. This is the sacred WHITE of the “unscripture.”

What is the holiest “unscripture?” Your LIFE. Your life is the sacred WHITE on which His Word appears—the holy parchment that bears and manifests the eternal script. Therefore, the key is to join your life, your heart, your emotions, your soul, and your will to the Word of God—to join the black with the white, the ink with the scroll. To carry it and manifest it clearly and distinctly to the world. Let every part of your life become the sacred WHITE on which the Word of God has been revealed. Join the Word to the parchment of your heart—your will, your emotions, and your ways, and let your life become the “unscripture”—the sacred WHITE of God’s Word.

-excerpted from Day 131 – The Book of Mysteries, Jonathan Cahn.