I’m Still Praying for You

Mar 1, 2023

Are there any SWEETER five words in the world than … “I’m still praying for you” ?? I don’t think so!

I’ve been very sick the last month. I’m still in the fight – but slowly WINNING! My desperate question has been: why is my body not fighting this? Why do I feel abandoned by my own BODY’s defense system?? We are fearfully and wonderfully made!! God made our bodies to WAR against germs and infection effectively!! Except when suddenly it doesn’t. Well … I am confident that God is helping me in this fight. Never been through anything like this before. Like so much happening in our WORLD in the past 8 weeks – it’s UNPRECEDENTED! But, I am persuaded that when I come through it, I’ll never be the same and I’ll be better for it.

MEANWHILE … it’s been one long SABBATH of focused fellowship with Jesus and little else. Precious time! SHABBAT SHALOM! Like Moses on the mountain. Everything else has grown strangely dim. If you prayed for me, BLESS YOU!! Thank you! ♥️

P.S. May I just add a note? I’ve never felt that FB is the proper forum for airing “WOE is me.” EVERYBODY’s got problems. But then, there’s no merit badges given for “Suffering in Silence” either. I guess, I just want to say, like the old song, “Just want to tell you I’m thankful – that’s all.” 🥰