He Knows Our Need

Dec 16, 2023

What a relief.

When you’re in unfamiliar territory, you just need a little help. Three little words, that’s all. You may have a great map (or chart), and you may know precisely where you WANT to be, but the FACT is—your map will do you no good at all—and can actually lead you astray—unless you can FIRST establish something with absolute certainty. Just three little words … “YOU ARE HERE.”

Ever been lost? This Christmas, do YOU feel lost? You may have started the year out right, but somehow, along the way, you’ve encountered fog, the trail no longer looks familiar to you, and you’re not sure anymore WHERE you are or WHERE to go. You’ve lost your bearings, and you long to just know “YOU ARE HERE.”

JEREMIAH KNEW THE FEELING. He moaned, “I am the man who has seen affliction. (The LORD) has made me walk in darkness and not light … surrounded with bitterness and hardship … I think my strength is gone, and so is my HOPE in God.” (Lam. 3 CJB) He felt LOST.

JOB KNEW THE FEELING. Though he was successful and secure, he had had so many bad things happen to him, he suddenly felt disoriented. (Job 23) “I don’t know where I am! Or where God is! If I head east, He isn’t there. If I go west, I don’t detect Him. If I turn north, or to the south, I still don’t see Him.” In other words, “I have no idea which way to go!” But then, like Jeremiah, he suddenly recalled something … He said, “Yet, (I remember that) HE KNOWS the way that I take! He sees me! When I come out of this, I’ll be refined like GOLD!” Jeremiah likewise recalled, “His compassions FAIL NOT! They are new every morning! Great is Thy faithfulness!” HOPE is restored! GOD is HERE!

The book of Job is thought to be a study on suffering, but, in reality, it’s about unshakeable FAITH! Faith is not what you feel; it’s what you KNOW. It’s knowing that, regardless of what you can’t see, HE KNOWS. “I know that my Redeemer lives.” (Job 19:25) The TRUTH is always bigger and more real than what you see. When you don’t know where you are, it’s a great comfort to remember that Someone above you DOES.

HAGAR KNEW THE FEELING. Her story was just so wrong, on so many levels, but when she really got into trouble, she did one thing RIGHT—she called out to God. He knew right where she was, and the Angel of the Lord came and said, “The LORD has heard your affliction.” From then on, she knew Him as “The GOD who sees me.” (Genesis 16) He hears—He sees—HE KNOWS.

MIKE KNEW THE FEELING. Our friend, Mike, born and raised in Alaska, knew the area where he lived well—he knew the terrain, knew the dangers. On the day before Thanksgiving, he went out into the woods with his dog. He’s a tough guy—he wasn’t going out for long—so he took no jacket, no flashlight, no water, and no phone. He knew precisely where he was as he started tracking game … farther and farther on into the woods. He was fine. Until he wasn’t. Nothing looked familiar anymore. Finally, he stopped—he knew better than to keep walking. The sun went down, it got colder, and his body temp started falling. Hours passed … ten, twelve, then fifteen hours. The temp dipped to 5 degrees, and something inside him said, “Stand still, but don’t sit down.” Mike knew he was in deep trouble and beyond earshot of anyone—but God.

By this time, Mike’s family was frantic about his whereabouts, and they had begun to pray. A Search and Rescue team was dispatched who tried to find him in the endless miles of dense, dark, potentially-deadly Alaskan wilderness. He was out there, somewhere, but they couldn’t see him—their helicopter flew right over him, and the infrared heat sensor couldn’t even detect him.

Once the SAR unit had all but given up the search, Mike’s two friends, Bo and Tobias, stepped up and said, “Let us take over. We won’t give up ‘til we find him.” They wouldn’t. And they DID find him—alive but only about an hour from death. Seventeen hours with no jacket, still standing—but, amazingly, with no frostbite. The ONLY explanation for their Thanksgiving miracle was that GOD KNEW exactly where Mike was, and He led Bo and Tobias right to him. Only God could’ve. Just in time.

“Here is what Adonai ELOHIM says: ‘I am taking over! I will search for my sheep and look after them MYSELF … I will rescue them from all the places where they were scattered when it was cloudy and dark … I will seek the lost, bring back the outcast, bandage the broken, and strengthen the sick.” (Ezekiel 34:11-16 CJB)

On Christmas Eve 1906, a Canadian inventor played a song on his violin, transmitting via radio from Brant Rock, MA—making it the first music ever to be broadcast shore-to-ship over the airwaves. What song did he choose to play to the ships at sea that night? “O Holy Night.” I believe that out there, somewhere on the frigid waves of the North Atlantic that dark Christmas Eve, there was a lonely sailor who desperately needed to hear the tune and the comfort of that hymn of hope—

“He knows our need—
To our weakness He’s no stranger!
Behold your King! Before Him, lowly bend!”

GOD KNOWS OUR NEED. We can never sail so far that He cannot locate us. We are never so lost that He cannot find us. We can never be so alone that He will not make His nearness known—at the mere mention of His name. He has not forgotten nor forsaken you. Jesus says, “YOU ARE HERE … and I AM WITH YOU.”