Every Prayer, a Life Preserver

Apr 17, 2023

I have learned some important, surprising things about prayer over the past few months.

Since the beginning of January, I have battled a mysterious and virulent respiratory disease. It started with just a cough, that got steadily worse and worse until my entire respiratory system went into failure and my airways became severely restricted – more than once. The weird thing is the doctors don’t know what’s wrong with me. Still don’t. They finally came up with a “working diagnosis”, but they’re not yet sure that they know WHAT it actually is – and they surely do not know what CAUSED it. And won’t, for a good while. So strange. It hit me suddenly from out of no where, like getting knocked overboard into the sea by a huge, rogue wave. So many times over the past 3.5 months, I have felt like I was drowning – fighting for every breath.

The fact is: life happens. These kinds of things just sometimes happen – to healthy people. To people. To everyone. “Rain falls on the just and the unjust.” You make it through the best you can. But, there’s a difference. Without Jesus in your heart and life, you flounder and flail helplessly in the waves, without aid and totally on your own. With no one to really turn to or to grab hold onto. No one to show mercy. Good luck.

But, when you HAVE Jesus, the Holy Ghost in you, He hears your desperate cry and draws near to provide what you need in the moment. He really does. What an unspeakable blessing. He’s never left me. Not once. “The mercy of the LORD is from everlasting to everlasting upon them that fear him.” (Psa. 103:17)

I found, though, He doesn’t always rescue me out of the struggle. Often, I can’t even feel The Rock beneath my feet. But, what I do feel is the strength of the Everlasting Arm about me, lifting me above the waves, just enough to keep me breathing. To be able to speak His name and feel Him near. Sometimes, there’s a deeper lesson to be learned as I cry out from within the struggle, and I find His strength becoming more perfect in my weakness.

I’ve been so very grateful to also know that there were people praying FOR me. Friends and family – adults and children. Some folks I don’t even know. Some who are “prayer warriors” — and some who are not all that accustomed to praying. They’re calling out my name to the One True God through their prayers. When my own strength fails, the buoyant prayers of the saints (and some “ain’ts”) surround me like a life preserver to give me rest – to keep me from sinking into panic and despair and not have to struggle so hard to stay afloat. It’s not by my merit or theirs – it’s in the power of prayer in the Name of Jesus.

We must never underestimate the POWER of PRAYER. Every prayer, God hears. Every prayer that God hears, He draws near. 24/7. God is never out of earshot. Don’t ever hesitate to pray. Just do it. It’s powerful and effective.

That’s why every single prayer means so much. Every one. Short – long – loud – quiet – silent. Whatever the need – whenever the moment – whomever the focus. For me, every prayer is a life preserver. People of compassion providing just exactly what I have needed – in my moment of greatest need. If you’ve offered up a single prayer – or many – for me, thank you. I cannot thank you enough. Bless you. Please, don’t stop. I’m still in the water. Each and every prayer to me is a blessed 🛟.